TNG ART is a design unit for applied art, 2D design with high standards and full of creativity and modernity.

Deep understanding of production techniques,
High application design consulting,
High art


TNG ART specializes in receiving exclusive art designs for large domestic and foreign corporations. Design products: logos, packaging, labels, catalogs, capacity profiles, office, outdoor identifiers and other products used for printing, production and business applications.

TNG ART works in the field of corporate brand identity design

TNG ART provides exclusive, high-end exclusive designs for brand identity for businesses. With the criteria to meet and exceed the desires of customers, use innovative quality standards and high-tech design consulting knowledge to become a competitive measure.

TNG ART is committed to meeting the legitimate requirements of the above criteria by: TNG ART has recruited and trained a team of creative designers, technical designers, production supervision team with professional competence. high.

TNG ART is a subsidiary of TNG GROUP - Having a long experience of manufacturing and trading in six industries including wood, leather, paper, porcelain, glass and fabric. Therefore meet the high requirements of customers.

TNG ART - Leverage your original idea to perfection

Core values of TNG ART

Difference: Always create a breakthrough in practical application creation

Prestige: Affirm the quality of products and services as committed

Humanities: Elegant and polite behavior, bringing a beautiful and beautiful light in terms of products and people here

Brand: Build the company's image through each design

Delicate: Give customers a style to identify exquisite and sharp beauty in each publication.

  • Joan Avina
    TNG ART has many innovative design products, good technical advice. I think you should use the service here.
    Joan Avina
  • Gordon Dale
    I feel satisfied with the service of the company, thanks to that, I have brought my brand to international easily, thanks!
    Gordon Dale
  • Tom Johnson
    I would like to thank the TNG ART team who blew my soul back, I wish our business owners a brand identity as they wish.
    Tom Johnson