Welcome to REENEE

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13 May, 2014
Welcome to SEKAI
13 May, 2014

REENEE is a subsidiary of TNG Art, designing and manufacturing simili products demonstrates the uniqueness and inspiration of leather products for businesses.

Unique idea....................80%

Advise customers many unique ideas that have never been on the market

Creative design.............100%

Our creative design team is always ready to draw many high-end designs

Different products..........100%

Each product produced has a distinct feature for each restaurant and hotel


1 / Leather notebook
2 / Menu cover
3 / Cover signature
4 / Cover catalog
5 / Leather keychains
6 / Briefcase ...

REENEE is designing different ideas for each business. Artistic design, high quality products from imitation leather - simili to produce many unique and strange samples.


And here are some products that use our unique faux leather - beautiful simili.

Other products